『Paintings of Bamboo Flutes: A History and Genealogy of Shakuhachi Performance』Takeo Izumi

The English version of the previously published “Bamboo Blowers: The History and Genealogy of Shakuhachi Players”.
Talk about its history and culture from the shakuhachi depicted in the painting.

Part1 Antiquity
Part2 The Middle Ages
Part3 The Early Modern Period

Takeo Izumi
Professor Emeritus, Tohoku University. Born in Miyagi Prefecture, Japan in 1954, Izumi graduated from the Department of History of the Faculty of Arts and Letters at Tohoku University with a focus on Oriental and Japanese art history. In 1979, he became a curator at the Osaka Municipal Museum of Fine Art, and in 1984, became a curator at the Kyoto National Museum. He received his Ph.D. in literature in 1996, after which, in 2006, he became a professor of advanced courses in Oriental and Japanese art history at Tohoku University, and has retired in 2017. He specializes in the history of Japanese paintings with a focus on Buddhist paintings.
His major works are Butsuga no zōkei仏画の造形The Formation of Buddhist Paintings, published by Yoshikawa Kobunkan in 1995, Bijutsukan ni ikō: mihotoke no e ni chikazuku 美術館に行こう: み仏の絵に近づくLet’s Go to the Art Museum: Approaching Images of the Buddha, published by Shinchō-sha in 1998, and Butsuga no son’yō hyōgen 仏画の尊容表現 Expressions of the Buddha in Buddhist Paintings, published by Chūōkōron-bijutsushuppan in 2011. He is also a licensed master, or shihan, of the Kinko school of shakuhachi, and has released several CDs.

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