『Your first slow sex Secrets of sex that Japanese women love』Adam Tokunaga

The most famous sexual therapist in Japan guides you through the techniques of “slow sex” that makes women have an orgasm.
Best techniques that every woman loves changes your sexual life dramatically!

Now we can get various information on sex through the Internet and magazines.
Unfortunately, most of the information you can find is fake. The fake information comes from misunderstandings, lies and obsessions; so it is widely inaccurate. It only stimulates men’s sexual urge and curiosity.
If you have accurate knowledge and techniques, every man can satisfy their lady.
The reason why you haven’t been able to do that yet is because most of your common sense knowledge you’ve believed to be “true” or “normal” is wrong.
Once you’ve learned, mastered, and done my proposed slow sex correctly, you can satisfy your special lady.
Just forget all the knowledge you’ve learned and your current techniques. You’ll be surprised how wrong your sex is.

[table of contents]
Introduction Don’t you want to see your lady having a true orgasm?
STEP 1 Let’s start with learning what the “true sex” is
Sex gap between men and women
It’s not sex if you don’t feel nice
“Strategy” that satisfies your lady
Porn video is “fantasy”
Key word is “time”
Touch “very gently”?
The proper way to pet your lady’s clit
Technique that makes your lady have an orgasm with her vagina
Size doesn’t matter
STEP 2 Understand “the difference between men and women”
Have sex using the brain
Frigid women, it’s 95 % men’s fault
That’s her kindness if she “pretended to have an orgasm”
You won’t feel nice if you’re only aim is “orgasm”
How to insert fingers correctly
Start with “palm touch” to make your lady relax
Stop having mistake-filled sex
STEP 3 Reset your current sex
If you forget ejaculation, it changes your world
Change your mindset “make her have an orgasm” to “make her feel nice forever”
The core of sex
Make your erogenous brain work
2 techniques which evolve women’s erogenous brain
Reasons why sex makes men better
STEP 4 Try slow sex
Watching porn videos with your girlfriend is counterproductive
Express your affection with the mouth, show your technique with fingers
Adam touch that improves women’s sensitivity
Anyone can release sexual energy (power)
The key is “vibrate”
Adjust sensitivity with petting hair
Women decide sexual chemistry with kissing
How to find and touch G spot
The super erogenous zone: Adam G spot
The ultimate pleasurable sensation “T spot”
A spot that can be only pet by a penis
Is a normal position thoughtless?
The ideal position is facing sitting position
Flirtation 30 minutes/ intercourse 30 minutes is the minimum requirement!
Intercourse means “a penis pets a vagina”
Nothing happens if you don’t try
Postscript your humbleness takes your lady to orgasm

[Author profile]
Adam Tokunaga
A Japan-leading sexual therapist. Moved to the US in 1985 and became a massage technician in LA. As doing a massage, he noticed a woman’s body had an immeasurable deep erotogenic zone. That’s when he started to study erotogenic zone developments. Engaged in awareness campaigns of new techniques for the best ecstasy sensation, Adam sexual theory and slow sex.
Wrote many books in Japan and they became bestsellers.